Types of Data Mining

We continue our small excursion to the world of poker data mining. One can get acquainted with the main advantages of data mining in online poker in the previous post on the topic. Today I will tell you about the types of data mining offered by leading mining centers.

Almost all services in this area offer the following three main types of data mining:

  • Monthly subscription
  • Ready deal packages
  • Individual hands packages

Monthly subscription lets you get all the deals from chosen limit gathered by mining center within 24 hours in this or that room, over a calendar month period. So, buying a monthly subscription, you will daily get an e-mail with the package of deals gathered within the previous 24 hours on your limit. Then you can import the package you got into your favorite tracker and sit down at the table fully armed.

As a rule, this mining type costs appreciably cheaper. Moreover, every day you get fresh number of hands played the last 24 hours and not a deuce of time ago. That is why this mining type is the most popular among regulars on lower and middle limits.

The amount of hands sent to you daily is different from one room to another and from one limit to another, but most advanced mining centers with broadest game coverage let you reach several thousand hands a day. For example, that same HHMailer. com send around 400 000 deals a day from NL25 ZOOMM on PokerStars. Look more closely at this number. В And it is 6max only.

One can choose another way and place a bulk order of hand histories.  For example, a couple of millions at a time. This way may be more suitable for those who use mining more for others’ playing analysis and discovery-driven data mining, than for immediate game analysis online. But this type of mining will cost way more than smaller «portions» of monthly subscription.

Personalized mining is less widespread but often much more valuable. This means getting all the deals of a certain player. Usually such mining is of high demand on higher limits, where the advantage over the common field decreases significantly, and one sees the same old familiar faces in top charts. This type of mining is supposed for deeper analysis of certain players who are very hard to win on their working limits. Generally, for leaks search and their further exploit (if it is possible at all).

Except the main types of mining mentioned, there are several more ones, including so called В«cloudВ» mining. But it exists so far mainly as a concept and has not obtained a wide circulation yet, as the technology is not kicked around yet and, fairly speaking, is way unfinished. Except that, while using cloud mining one has to share all his deals with mining centre which is fraught with peril if used commercially.

In conclusion it is worth mentioning that despite the fact all the examples in the articles are given using cash mining, mining centers also freely provide tournament deals too. Still there, on HHMailer. com, one can easily find both monthly subscription to MTT and SnG, and bulk orders withВ hand history packages from these tournaments.

Thats it for today. Next time, as I promised earlier, we will take a look at the rates of average regulars on NL25-NL100 limits and will try to analyze their playing on data mining basis. Follow our updates.

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